Aargh my eyes !


Has anyone managed to change the brightness in the Monitors control panel ? On my PowerBook both the contrast and brightness sliders are greyed out.

Needless to say in low light its like looking into a light bulb, you can feel your retinas burning :(

It is rather dim, isn't it? I think the anti-aliasing looks really blurry on the LCD. On a CRT, it looks amazing!
Originally posted by dfbills
It is rather dim, isn't it? I think the anti-aliasing looks really blurry on the LCD. On a CRT, it looks amazing!

I agree that on the LCD the text is just a little to fuzzy for comfort. I generally like anti-aliasing, but sometimes I feel that OSX is taking it to the extreme. One of the things I've enjoyed about 8.5+ is that you can choose at what font size to start anti-aliasing text... I hope they bring that configuration option back.
The brightness of my iMac's screen in MacOS X PB is actually literally painful.

i am beginning to think i will have to give up on OS X and go back to my other UN*X boxes and OS 9 on the iMac.

this i REALLY don't want to do, but i can't get headaches every night either.

it seems incredibly strange for apple to have casually left this out as (correct me if i'm wrong...) NONE of their CURRENT range of products has hardware controls for brightness and contrast.


well. perhaps i'll be lucky and they will use that software updater for something like this.

i am also surprised that it's lack doesn't bother more people.

I have to say that in my experience(brief, limited) with OSX, brightness hasn't been a problem. Either on a crt or on the powerbook's lcd.

I don't ever use the little contrast and brightness buttons built into my powerbook, but since they're there, I suspect that some folks might.

I also suspect that these options were probably left out in the beta and that we'll have all sorts of options in the Monitor Preferences in the final release.

The anti-aliasing does bother me more on the powerbook than on a crt. Normally in os9 I have anti-aliasing turned off. I use the excuse that it's faster, but truthfully(personally) it does bother my eyes. Again, more so on the powerbook than crt.

I'm hoping that the final release has at least the same options that 9 has, where you can choose whether anti-aliasing is on or off, or only after a certain point size.

Kind of off topic, but I think it's somewhat related. Try this: Open a classic app(i'll use netscape). Once it opens, resize the window. Notice how it makes that outline(really quickly!) and when you let go, the window snaps to that size?
now open a cocoa app, or even just a finder window, and resize it. No-outline, it resizes the window to as you move the mouse around., with the button down. Notice how slow it is?

In just about any window manager, you can play with these settings(*nix users, think WindowMaker) to adjust the window resizes to fit your personal(or hardware) preferences. I'm sure we all want cool transparent windows that dynamically resize, but if your hardware isn't up to the task, I'll settle for the fast yet not so cool outline method.

My 2¢
I also wish you were able to adjust brightness and contrast in OSX PB....but what also works is opening up classic, go to it's control panels and use the classic Monitors control panel. at least thats how I did it.
i had seen a post about that and tried it. it appears that the monitors control panel when run from withing classic doesn't load the monitor plugin or whatever needed to have the brightness and contrast controls.

it just doesn't have those parts of the control panel when started from classic.

also missing are the geometry controls (not a problem, just noticing they are also missing...)

i have jacked up the lighting in the room and it seems to be a bit better.

only time will tell..

**fingers still crossed for updates**

I haven't looked at colorsync, so I could be wrong... but I couldn't find a way to adjust the verticale/horizontal position and size. I am using a Rev B iMac, and wanted to adjust the display, but resolution seems to be the only control!.