? About Marking Mail as "Not Junk" in Mail


If I get some mail that isn't junk which is automatically moved to my Junk folder, will Mail learn that future mail from this sender or domain is safe and will not move it into the junk folder? If not, is there anyway to do this so I won't have to keep checking my Junk folder all the time?
Have you ever used Mail with the spam filter in learning mode? Place Mail in learning mode for two or three weeks. Be sure to correct any errors made by the the spam filter. When the filter's errors drop to an acceptable level, then you may return it to automatic mode. Please be advised that it is possible for some legitimate mail to look like spam to even the best-trained filter. You will still need to check your spam folder on occasion.
Grrrrr....even your reply notification email (from vBulletin) found it's way into the Junk folder! :(

I haven't tried Training mode before and will give it a shot.