About this update business


it seems to me that everyone is in a big tissy abuot this whole update thing.. Oh its 20 dollars, it wasn't complete when I got it, blah blah blah. I was on that train about 6 hours ago. I was pissed I couldn't burn CD's or watch DVD's or any of the stuff I like to do on my mac. I went to CompUSA to buy the upgrade package (which they don't have by the way, just the full version) and I walked by the windows section. Now being a die hard mac fan since the age of three when we had an Apple IIe I believe, I usually avoid that section due to my animosity toward Microsoft. I am glad I did. The upgrade to Windows ME is 498 dollars. Thats 25 upgrade CD's for os 10.1. Think about that. This wasn't server, or any abnormal OS it was an upgrade because Microsoft rushed the release of their OS just like Apple did. Now think to yourselves...would you rather pay 20 or even go to an apple store or reseller this weekend and get it free, or do you want to pay 500 miserable dollars? Yea, I think I would go for the 20.

G4 Cube 450 (yea its slow but the G4 makes 450 seem like a ghz)
OS 10.0.4
Zip 100 USB
Zip CD USB (god I hope it works with 10.1)
HP Deskjet 960 CSE (good printer...epson sucks)
thats it no fancy smanchy stuff just a bunch of bootleg things that make my system all the more fun to use
**by the way if anyone knows where I can download some SIMS for mac (not the patch for OSX but the whole game for mac, can you PM me or something cuz I am broke**