Access Network Access Service On Pc


Hi all,

I have installed and setup the DLink DBT-120 bluetooth adptor on my Win2K workstaion at work, and the file transfer is working fine between my PowerBook G4 and the PC. Now I would like access the local network/Internet through this PC, I configured the Network Access service on the PC using DLink utility, my question is how can I connect my PowerBook to it, it seems like whenever I try to connect to the PC over bluetooth, the Bluetooth File Exchange utility always start. I tried to disable the File exchange service on the PC only leave the Network Access service enabled, when I try to browse the devices, I got the follwing message: "Device does not have necessary service".

Any idea? Thanks in advance!


I was trying to do the same thing that you... and got stuck with the same problem as you.. it seems to me that osx does not support the network access bluetooth service.. at least not through the fancy gui and I'd hate to go pocking in the configuration files.

What I actually did was that I used a serial port to achieve connectivity, on win2k side i configured a serial port service and in macosx side bluetooth preferences i enabled the bluetooth serial port after what it came available to Internet Connect. I specified the proxys required and dialed a phony number.. the connection was established.. my win2k gave an IP to the mac.. and it seems to work like that.. a bit slow connection.. but it works.

If you have found how to achieve connectivity using network access service, let me know...