Access Several Printers From Virtual Pc V7


I have moved my invoice system from my Windows machine to Virtual PC on my Mac. I recenty acquired a label printer, so now I would like to be able to print to both the laser printer and the label printer attached to the Mac.

The help files are somewhat confusing on this topic, as it seems one might disrupt the "normal" printing mode (virtual printer -> default printer on the Mac) by allowing for USB connection to other printers.

What to do?
That last tumbleweed caught my attention. :)

So i haven't tried exactly what you are saying but i'm running VPC7 on my ibook and it moves between 2 different networks. When it moves the default printer (both are network printers) on OSX changes as well, and as a result the printer changes in VPC7 to the new printer. This makes the default printer option work perfectly.

Your scenario shouldn't be much different. I would expect just manually changing the printer in VPC to the "Use specific Printer", then requesting the label print should work fine. Just need to make sure nothing is getting processed/printed to the other printer at the time.