Accessing Hotmail in Mail



I have G4 PowerBook and was using Entourage but now have decided to use Mail. I run OS X 10.4 Tiger and am wondering how can I access my Hotmail address via Mail?

Also, how can I manually add in contacts to my Address book in Mail?

Ok... I successfully installed this... What do I specify for the "Incoming Mail Server"? It recognizes httpmail but I don't have the faintest idea of what to put for the "incoming mail server".
I use msn, not hotmail but essentially they are the same so:
My incoming mail server is:, Yours may be:
My outgoing is:, Yours may be
I downloaded this httpmail plug-in several days ago, and everything worked!

Today, I installed some automatic updates, and when I restarted my computer and clicked on Mail, it stated:

"The httpmail plug-in doesn't work with this version of Mail."

It also removed the Hotmail account from Mail. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems like this update from Apple was the cause to my problem.

Any suggestions, help, tips, etc. will be most appreciated!

With thanks,
I think that you have probably just updated to 10.4.1 If this is the case then you can just re-install the plugin and it'll work again.
I've just tried to set up my Hotmail account to work with Mail. I don't seem to be able to receive mail, even if there are unread emails in my Hotmail account. Mail seems to check the account, but it doesn't retrieve anything and doesn't display any error messages (i.e. password incorrect, or what have you).

Anyone able to shed some light on this?
Viro: microsoft have been sending me emails telling me that 'pop access is no longer allowed, but as you are a long standing and valued customer (their words, not mine!)we will allow you to continue accessing your mail'
Maybe you have fallen foul of this ruling?
That seems to have worked fine, i havnt tryed sending mail yet but i can receive it fine.

One small question regarding mail, how do you switch between multiple accounts?
i was trying to acess hotmail through mail a while ago and got no joy no matter what i tried , i stumbled across a section of entourages help section which says you must be subscribed to msn to use this feature,
i'm supposing that means you have to pay somthing,search in help and see what you make of it.
i gave up after that anyway