accessing Oracle8i from PHP-on-OS X

Ramon Herrera

I have PHP installed on a few Linux machines which are used to access Oracle8i databases on the network. My PHP scripts use OCI8 (Oracle Call Interface) which came with the Oracle8i 8.1.6 (for Linux) download from the Oracle download site.

However, nothing like this seems to exist for Mac OS X. What alternatives exist for accessing an Oracle8i database from PHP-on-OS X? Any ideas?


Maybe see if they have a bsd version that can be ported, I am not sure if that anwsers your question. Also php has built in functions for Oracle(I think) so you should beable to create your own functions to access the databases
OpenLink's Multi-Tier drivers can get you connected to Oracle8i from PHP on Mac OS X.

Compile PHP --with-iodbc to get the ODBC Drvier Manager installed (howto at and then install the MT drivers from, chosing Mac OS X as the client and your Oracle8i db machine as the server. Currently most Unix, Windows, and Linux are supported as server-side Oracle8i.

The MT drivers download with a free 2-user non-expiring connection, and free support is available at if you run into problems.

Hope this helps!