Accessing the terminal/startup disk preferences during OS X installation


Hello All,

Following on from my earlier short-lived success in reinstalling Classic (more details in the 'Fixing OS 9 under OS X post), I found myself in the following curious situation...

1) I changed the startup disk preferences and booted up using my new OS 9 folder
2) The OS 9 system files were obviously corrupted (somehow) which meant I couldn't actually get the OS working - even after resetting the PRAM and turning extensions off
3) The only disk I could boot off of was my OS X (10.2.2) Install Disk 1, which would only let me reinstall OS X or (even better) wipe off everything and *then* reinstall OS X
4) So, eventually, after about three hours I finally got OS X reinstalled (see below for the problems I had)

...when all I wanted to do was change the startup disk preferences :) I also noticed during the installation that the Terminal is a greyed-out option in the menus, which would suggest that there might be a way to access it. Needless to say, this is a rather unhelpful step backwards from the days of OS 9.

I *know* the terminal is running and operational during the installation - I saw it briefly when the installer crashed and had a few seconds to type something before it restarted. My problem with the installer was that I chose to reinstall a 'clean' copy of 10.2.2 to replace my 10.2.8 version but choose the option to import the existing user accounts information. The end result of this was that, when finished, the installation had actually deleted/lost the netinfo database which meant that it wouldn't start up. A clean install without importing any user account information solved the problem but I can't help thinking that I wasted an awful lot of time getting my machine back when there should be an easier option.

So - the title says it all - is there any way to access the terminal or change the startup disk preferences from the OS X Install Disk? I did try holding down the option (alt) key during startup but this only allows you to choose between the current startup system folder and a bootable CD...

The problem is now fixed (consider this a retrospective post) but I don't want to have this happen again for the sake of a little inside knowledge.

Many Thanks,