accidentally changed my password?


i don't know what happened but this is what i did:

i wanted to (temporarely) set my password to "" (nothing)
to be make fast user switching even faster,
as i work in two accounts for some reason i wont try explain
and so i switch back and forth all the time..

but trying to set a blank passwrd in the user-prefs didn't work:
the prefpane wouldn't let me do that.
then i put back-in my old password, hit enter, and a popup showed-up,
saying something about " sysadmin.." but i couldn't read everything,
because i accidentallty hit enter too early.

the result is that somehow my password is neither blank, nor my old one...
so now i'm stuck: i can't continue to woirk in these two accounts, because i wont be able to log into my own accoujnt again. and i can't reboot.. basically i shouild leave my account until i backed-up my whole user-account and then create a new one..
but there must be a way to reset my password or something..

anyone any ideas?

ok sorry, already solved it:

enebaled root-user from the other (admin) account, and then as root changed the passwd

thnks anyway
and then once more:

i solved my password problem for loggin into the OSX-finder and ssh, but somehow my KeyChain password is different.
so now i get bugged with popups all the time, that ask for my keychain pasword...which i don't know, since it's not 'my password' somehow..
can i change this using network-info manager or something?