Acrobat 7.0pro Install Problems

Deborah W


I bought a new copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 for MacIntosh. I installed it without a problem on one Mac G5 with OS 10.2.8, so I don't think the CD has any problems.

On another Mac G5, also with 10.2.8, after I install it, I double click on the icon for the application and "An internal error has occurred" error message appears. When I rebooted the computer holding down the shift key and then reinstalled, nothing happened when I double-clicked on the icon (i.e. no error message, but the app didn't open either).

I have been through just about all of the ideas on Adobe's troubleshooting webdocs #328924 and 329590 : installing with another user account, installing onto the desktop, removing preference files and folders from library/preferences, I am the administrator, the system requirements are adequate, there is no problem with the serial number, there is no change after running Disk Utility (repair permissions) and Disk Warrior was run last week.

Because it installed properly on another computer, and because the error message disappears when I do a safe reboot, I suspect a conflict with extensions or something like that.

What can I do??

Thanks so much for your help