Actions to take to prevent slowdowns/incrase system performance w/o reboot?


Simply Daemonic
I know all of us *nix geeks like to brag about uptime compared to our windows counterparts.
My panther machine (450Mhz G4) and my TiBook (1.25Ghz G4) have uptimes of 40+ days but I am noticing slow downs as time goes by and my machine stays on without any reboots.

Applications take longer to load (compared to a freshly rebooted machine), and when applications do load, they lag (I type faster than the characters show on the textbox - and this is usually not the case!)

My usual applications are FMP6, Safari, Entourage, MS Word, Excel, PPT textedit, iSync (and a few used on occasion such as dreamweaver and photoshop).

I have run the daily/weekly/monthly cleanup scripts through MacJanitor, but I do not know of any other techniques to make my system speed up without a reboot.
There are some apps that stay on all the time on the work machine:
FMP, Safari, iCal

There TiBook only has safari and maybe entourage on all the time.

Any ideas? or is a reboot my only option for a speedup?
Log off does what a reboot usually handles. Though I'd rather reboot now and then and lose my uptime (25 days on my PB 17 right now) and gain speed back.

Cron jobs will do most of it. Caches are a killer. Kill those and the system can purr. And get more ram if needed.
I just let cocktail do its pilot. System and internet cache clean, permissions repair, log rotate (dont know what that does), and cron scripts. For Safari, its also useful to clean out icons and history. Then just like once I notice those dont fix a slowdown, I restart and its back up to pure zippiness. Dont gloat about the uptimes, gloat about the overall quality. Or if you're egotistical, just log out and in.
lol :) I'll have to try cocktail :D
If not I will reboot once every 15 days at night when I am not at work so it can be fresh when I come in
I am pretty happy that my mac (at work) can outlast my windows machine any day of the week :p