Active Directory Account Folder Access



I currently access my AD account folder by using the following Applescript run after login to Tiger 10.4.2:

tell application "Finder"
open location "smb://yada.yada.yada"
end tell

The script prompts me to login using my AD name and password. Upon authentication, I am prompted to select the "SMB/CIFS shared volume..." from the drop down menu; I select "HOME". The "HOME" volume is mounted; inside the volume are all 756 AD account folders for my organization. (While I can see the other folders, I can't actually add to them.)

What I would like to happen after mounting the "HOME" volume is that my folder is the only one which is displayed upon opening up the volume. If that is not possible given the above procedure for authenticating in AD, is there another procedure for authenticating in AD that will accomplish the desired result? Please keep in mind that we share Macs so that no user information is cached or stored locally on the Macs we use.