Active Directory Authentication/login Over a Wireless Connection



I have set-up Tiger 10.4.2 to allow for the login to AD from the login window, without establishing the AD login account locally. When I am connected via ethernet to the network, I can type my AD username and password into the login window, and then connect to Windows Server 2003 and be presented with a "virtual" desktop, where all of my settings, e.g. Dock, Desktop, etc, are saved on the server. When attempting to do the same over a encrypted wireless connection, the login window just shakes and I do not get connected to the AD server.

My thoughts are that since Tiger doesn't wirelessly connect to the network until you login locally and access your keychain for the wireless encryption key, and since the AD account is not established locally, the AD authentication will not happen from the login window.

Any insight into what I can do to allow for wireless AD authentication at the login window, without establishing the AD account locally, is greatly appreciated.