Active Directory


I now have OS 10.3.xx connecting to active directory no problem, but I'm having a problem with the network share folder.

I have a share at \\server\share\userfolder

In order to get the share to show on the mac I need to add the user group the the \share directory and the user has full access to the \share\userfolder directory.

The mac is mounting \share on the desktop and then \share\userfolder on the dock, which is almost fine, but if the user open the \share mount on the desktop, they can see all user folders, which is no good.

I need the user to only see their folder, but if I remove the group from teh \share mount it will not mount. I have no problems on the windows side of things, but htis is a problem on the mac.

Any solutions?

I tried dsconfigad -localhome disable but that didn't work
Why must the user SEE only their folder? We have a similar setup, but just remove all permissions from each user folder apart from that user and domain admins - so they can SEE the other user folders, they just can't get into them.
I assume you done 'bind for directory access' in Directory Access.