Activity Monitor won't open in OSX Tiger


Loaded OSX Tiger on a Mac G5. Brand new, clean install. The activity monitor application in Utilities will not launch. When double clicking the icon its acts as if it is launching and immediately quitting. Has anyone else encountered this? I searched the Apple website and the only refrence to a similar problem was with OSX 10.3 and the solution for that does not apply to Tiger.

Try trashing the Preference file for it -

located here;

Interestingly enough, there is no prefs file for Acitivity Monitor to be trashed (perhaps because it has never sucessfully launched). I even searched for the prefs file by name and 0 results were found.

Try repair Permissions, then boot off the Tiger disc and use Disk Utility to Repair disk. If that doesn't help, trash the Activity Monitor App and do a Custom install off the Tiger disc to reinstall it.