Jeff Ulrikson

FLAME ON! Actually I AM an ADC Registered Developer. I'm also an Apple Software Beta Seeding Site. Not that it actually matters. To be frank, it's none of your business and doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my question. Take a CLOSE look at the non-disclosure agreement. Now take a CLOSE look at my posts. I think you'll find that I HAVEN'T broken the disclosure agreement by Apple Legal's definition. What I'm annoyed with is the fact that Apple has provided MINIMAL information about what functions, what doesn't and how to get stuff that worked previously to work again (IE: PPP Daemon suddenly dissapearing with build #K## with no means of installing the reqested services). They ALSO have provided MINIMAL support for upgrading from one build to another without completely screwing up stuff from the previous build until reciently, and even then, I've got a slew of stuff from previous builds (Software posted on APPLE sites) that NO LONGER WORKS (Please note, I'm not actually telling you WHAT no longer works - If you're an ADC or BETA SEEDING member you should KNOW what I'm talking about). I find that I'm USUALLY able to find the information that I need to get basic services to work HERE long before Apple posts TIL information or answers my emails. That's why I asked here. Under the assumption that OTHERS in my position would have an answer (Whether build 2K29 had working PPPoE - It didn't, BTW). Fortunately, PPPoE DOES work again with 4K34 and later. So again, my question is moot. The fact of the matter is, DSL is my primary connection to the Internet. I am aware of MANY others for whom this is the case as well. I found it REDICULOUS that Apple decided to yank PPPoE services early in the development stages (IE: Before the PB) and, then deliberately made it so that third party solutions no longer worked, and has only RECIENTLY officially re-instated them. Believe me, I've already made it perfectly clear to Apple about my displeasure on this point. Their usual response of, "We are are aware of this limitation and are working to a solution" doesn't really do much for me since they DELIBERATELY removed working code. FLAME OFF! Thank you for bearing with my rant...(GRIN)...
why did you feel the need to start a new thread for your flame? now i don't know who you're flaming.. can't take sides.. now that's just an etiquette faux pas.