ADC has 10.1 Dev Tools!

I started a download last night. It got about 80% complete and then froze. I haven't been able to connect again this morning.

I think the ADC must have crashed from the load.
I can't connect either. It was working one minute, then you must have broke something. I was getting wierd errors when I could connect though too: When it would connect to the FTP server it would tell me I didn't have permissions. But then it would let me download the segmented binaries. All except 5, 6, 7, and 8. How totally frustrating! :( I've been trying for a few hours now, but it still is offline.
I got it late Monday night, so it was possible to get it at one point without any problems (and 200 KB/sec ain't too shabby, either). There's something about Fink and make getting along together that can make a person with no life quite happy.
I have had many problems with downloading from ADC -- the "User 1234567 access denied" message. But I was able to get around it by altering the URL to let me browse the FTP site, rather than using a direct download link. Go figure.

I haven't done anything extensive with the dev tools yet, but I did install Fink, and that went smoothly. Time to play later, when my current huge project is done.
I got mine today :D
I guess many people were on apple's servers downloading them cause even on T1 the download took 2 hourss about.