Adc Monitor Constant Bright Led & No Display After Severe T-storms



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I have a 22" ADC Mac display hooked up to a PowerMac G4 Digital Audio 733; originally outfitted with GeForce 2 MX ACD/VGA graphics card, running OS X 10.4.2. My computer is attached directly to an APC Backups 600 and wall outlet is properly grounded (tested too!).

Frequently after severe thunderstoms that manage to make the lights in my home flicker, my ADC display LED power light stayed on full brightness, whether the Mac was sleeping or powered down. No matter what I did, powering up the Mac produced no image on the display (stayed black). I found that if I disconnected the ADC connector from the Mac for a couple of hours and reattached it would work properly.

Note: I also have a Dell 17" VGA/DVI LCD display that I could hook up anytime and it worked without any problems.

I switched to an Apple OEM GeForce Ti4600 128 MB DVI/ADC video adapter and the same thing happened as soon as I plugged it in!

Attempt #3 appears to have worked for now... an Apple OEM GeForce4 32 MB DVI/ADC video adapter. Haven't had the problem occur for ~1 month (I only thought there were 64 MB GeForce4's but this one came out of a G4 MDD).

I've searched all over the Internet and found little information on this subject (other than posts from people who had AppleCare and Apple replaced their "defective" display). I suspected the G4's power supply might be the problem but since the last video adapter I tried is working w/o any issues for better than 1 month, I'm starting to think it has something to do with certain video adapters.

Are certain video adapters susceptible to this sort of behavior with ADC displays?

Thanks (sorry for long windedness but figured it might be useful).