Add pinyin to chinese characters


I'm able to write chinese under MacOSX, but how to add pinyin along chinese characters? I want to see and print both (chinese characters and their corresponding pinyin) in my documents.


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Does this help?

QIM 1.5.1 Pinyin input method.

How to display/input Chinese Characters?

For Mac Users • Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a multilingual operating system which allows users to use languages other than the one selected during installation. In more recent versions of OS X, it is included with all installations of OS X. In older versions of OS X, such as 10.1 you had to install Languages Kits from Apple in order to read Chinese, Japanese or Korean on the Internet. The Language Kit for CJK contains WorldScript software known as scripts which support the encoding for the character set of a particular language. Each language needs a separate script.

Mac OS X has default support Simplified Chinese input method (Wubi, ITABC Standard ABC, Quwei), It's right there built into the OS. Here is how you activate it:
1. Open System Preferences>International>Input Menu
2. Turn on Simplified Chinese.
3. Make sure "Show Input Menu in Menu Bar" is checked.
4. Close the System Preference window.
5. Go to the Input Menu (if you are using a US system, it should be a US flag icon) and select Traditional Chinese.
6. Click on the Input Menu again, you should see a list of 8 input methods at the bottom half of the pull down menu. Pinyin, BoPoMo (listed as Zhuyin), Cangjie are all there.

Input Methods - Apple IMs - Simplified Chinese

Input Methods for Typing Characters and Pinyin
Scroll down the page for the Mac OS section ....


Does this help?
QIM 1.5.1 Pinyin input method
Input Methods - Apple IMs - Simplified Chinese
Input Methods for Typing Characters and Pinyin


I tried every input method, but no input method can print pinyin over (or under) chinese characthers.
Input methods allow to write pinyin obtaining characters, but not to see both as a result. QIM allows to create user dictionary for speeding input, but cannot print pinyin along characthers.
I suppose it is necessary to install a new font on purpose.


Did you ever get help with this. The Chinese Teachers at our International School (and myself to learn Chinese) are looking for a method.


QIM is an alternative method of using pinyin to input Chinese characters, not a tool to type pinyin.