Adding An Online Radio Stream To Itunes


I have to start with a rant. What Apple has done with iTunes is pure usability incompetence. I am not alone and there are endless online rants about this. I have used iTunes from day one and it was great. Then v11 and 12... My mac is set up with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live and is connected to all types of audio gear, synthesizers... and YET I can't figure out how to do something so simple and something I did all the time with old versions of iTunes - add a stupid online stream to somewhere in my iTunes library.

Try it yourself.
You go to this url and click the Listen in iTunes button
It plays in iTunes, but how the %#&#%^ do you "add it" in some way to you can always launch it in iTunes again???

You can't drag it anywhere, you can't see it anywhere expect in the header... it just plays.
If you click on the little "..." next to the title from iTunes, you get a url. You then click File-Open Stream and add that URL and... nothing! it starts playing some song in my playlist instead.

I realize this. Even though it is a "Radio Station" I can not add it or change anything under iTunes "Radio Station." (Oh, and get this. Under Radio Stations is this same station, WHYY, but it doesn't work. It won't connect). I just want to add it SOMEWHERE. COuld be under books, I don't care, Why is this so hard? What stupid thing am I missing?
Your complaint is valid. I could not find how to add a radio stream to my list. I was able to connect to various stations that were on the list by default.

Have you sent a feedback complaint to Apple?
I will, but I don't expect anything to come of it. iTunes has been destroyed by Apple. If Jobs was alive he would be making the people who worked on iTunes v12 cry, and I would pay for a ringside seat to see them shamed.