Adding Device to Isync / Bluetooth Pairing


Hi guys,

I'm having problems getting my Sony Ericsson K700i mobile phone to sync with iSync (version 1.5). I previously had an old K700i paired but I lost that in Valencia in a taxi!

Within Bluetooth Setup Assistant once I've selected a mobile phone to pair with, and entered the relevant 6 digit number on my handset, it's the next page causing problems really. Under the sub page 'Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup', the option 'Set up iSync to transfer contacts and events' is grayed out. Why is this so and how can I change this so that I can select it please?

I'm hoping that once this is sorted, I can launch iSync and select 'Add new device' and off I go. At the moment all that happens there is, immediately a message goes 'session completed' on the phone after 1 sec, but nothing actually happens.

Hopefully you can help.


Actually, once you've told it to "Set up iSync...", iSync would automatically start and add the device, IIRC. I'd "unpair" the devices, i.e. get rid of anything about your computer on the mobile phone, get rid of anything about your mobile phone on the computer. Then restart the mobile phone (I just would, just to make sure) and make sure that the phone's visible for Bluetooth devices. Then try again...

I'm not sure, btw., whether iSync 1.5 already has support for the K700i. You can find a lot of little hacks about adding devices to iSync's supported list (basically, you have to copy an icon and add an entry into a .plist-file) on the web. Just search for "iSync K700i" on
I have the same problem as described here. Since the posting is quite old and there are no follow ups, did you solve your problem Pompey, and if so, how diid you do it?

Thanks in advance,

What you need to do, is turn on bluetooth on both computer and phone. Then, from the phone first (the crucial bit) go to 'My devices' and add the computer as a device to the phone. Once paired, launch isync and add device. All should then be tickety-boo! If you pair 'from' the computer, that's where it gets unstuck.

Good luck.