Adding existing photos to iPhoto



I have like 10GB of photos stored in an external drive. They are already organized by comprehensive foulders. I want to add them to iPhoto, but it seems to me that all its going to do is mix the thousands of photos, and then I will only be able to browse by date (Which is stupid for my situation).

Is there a way to make iPhoto take each foulder as a different album? (it would be great if it could even take the foulder's name as the album's name!) Or maybe a way of telling iPhoto to look at the external drive when I use it?

You can use Automator (assuming you have Mac OS 10.4 and iPhoto 5) to assign a spotlight comment to all of the photos prior to moving them. For instance, for every item in your "Fred" folder, you'd add the spotlight comment "Fred", and so on. You then import all of the photos into iPhoto and use the spotlight search in iPhoto to locate the images with "Fred" in the comment and put all of these into a new album. Its a bit roundabout, but it'll do what you want.