Adding fonts into OS X


Cube is Trinity...
I got a problem addinf fonts...

I'm using several fonts because of my job, I work in the DTP.
But how the hell can we add fonts in this thing, I've tried all the fonts folder, reboot, relog,... and the font utility is still not seeing them !!

I'm also searching for a uitility wich allows me to create suitcase in OS 9, I got 650 differents fonts and for some, I have all the fonts, but out of a suitcase... ! Please don' tell me to get an empty suitcase and to put the files in, this is just like making a folder, won't help me...

Mac help is not very helfull (!!) they say to see the font install manual (thanks guys)?...

Thanks in advcance.

I'm afraid this is my biggest problem with OSX at present -- no font management capability or software.

The situation is:
Adobe ATM Deluxe will not be developed for OSX, thus will be dead soon!

Extensis Suitcase is due out for OSX around Nov 11th next month!! Hurray!! This will really make OSX come into age.

In the meantime, you have to do as you would on OS9 (OS8 or whatever) if you never had any of those management softwares!

Yep, empty the contents of your individual font's folders and place them into your OSX Font folder -- BUT, there is a small consolation. Put the fonts in your Home directory Fonts folder, which is at MacOSX Drive/Users/"Home User"/Library/Fonts

This way, you can at least keep an eye on them in your own personal User directory, and if there is any problems, you can centralise the problem to your Directory, instead of the OSX System Fonts folder.:)