Adding Items to taskbar


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I dont know if anybody else has figured this out yet, but I just did last night and it rocks.

When im in Win2k, and im trying to move around places.. I always wished that I could ADD folders or Programs to the window when you open something. You know, that window with the files for you to open, but on the window itself is an icon to create a new folder or go back a dir.. well, I found out how to do that in OSX.

Open a new finder window. In the finder window, at the top of the window are a few icons. Probably home, and Applications, and Computer and stuff like that. And we all know that we can change that and add other buttons to that. But, thats whats built in. All you have to do is drag a folder icon to that bar and drop it and it will stay there. Dont know if it works for Apps yet.. but this rocks.