Adding Photos to Idvd



I've have a question regarding iDVD and slideshows.

If you make a Slideshow in iDVD you can also store the pics as files so others can copy them if they insert the DVD into a computer.

If I make a Slideshow in iPhoto (which has more functionality than iDVD Slideshow's by the way) it gets exported to iDVD as a movie but I can't add any photo files to the DVD because its a movie.

If I want to add photo files to this DVD then all I can think of doing is to create a folder and add another slideshow of the pics but this seems to be silly. Can I burn the iDVD and use some other programme to add the photos at the same time (I understand that I can't add content to a DVD once I have burnt it. At best I can reburn the WHOLE DVD again -wiping out the original)?

How could I get this to work?