Adding user on command line


Sorry if this is a FAQ--I figured it would be and tried a search, but nothing came up.

Anyway, I'd like to be able to add a new user from the command line, rather than using the stupid, obnoxious NetInfo Manager GUI tool. Blecch!

I tried using niutil, just guessing at stuff to add based on props of other users, but apparently there was something missing. When I tried to su, change password, etc., I either became "nobody", or got an error to the effect "doesn't exist"

Any tools, tips, references, or magic spells?


Darwin Kernel Version 1.4
Sun Sep 9 15:39:59 PDT 2001
Power Macintosh powerpc
Dual G4 450, 512 MB
Hmm, I thought I tried all that. I may not have done uid though. I think a light bulb just came on here. I'm guessing that when you do a read or a list and it shows the id and name, the id in "users" is not the same as the uid, but rather, is just netinfo's internal id. Yes?

I'll give it a shot.