Address Book import from old Address Book data


I must be missing something. Address Book only has import filters for VCards, LDIF and Text. Which of these is usable to import saved Address Book data?

I just did an erase-and-install but saved my along with other files out of my library (ABPerson.skIndexInverted, ABSubscribedPerson.skIndexInverted and others). AddressBook can't read any of these files afaict. Did I save out the wrong stuff?

Not a lot lost. I'm just surprised this isn't better explained.



Addressbook got an export-function. that is the one you should have used. but don't worry. just quit Addressbook, take you old addressbook information and place it in ~/library/application support/addressbook/.
it will aski if you want to replace the existing file. next time you open addressbook it should have your old data.
(make a backup of everything address-related before you do this incase you accidently would delete the wrong file or something).

good luck