Address Book/mac Os 10.3.9


Hello -
I am having a problem with my address book that seems to have started after the 10.3.9 update. At first I couldn't open it at all - it said it was open in the dock, but no window opened and it wouldn't quit. Force quit worked, although it did say 'not responding'. I read your response to someone with the same problem (June 17, 2005) and tried all the suggestions. After trashing address book preferences, the address book opens, with all of my data apparently intact. BUT, the minute I click on anything, I get the spinning rainbow wheel and have to force quit. I get the wheel whether I try to open Preferences or try to access a card or type something into the address book finder (it allows me to type one letter, then the wheel pops up). I was able to back up my database at least. Any ideas? Thanks.