Has anyone had completely terrible luck using the AddressBook application that ships with X? I find that it horribly corrupts and loses data even in really small databaseslike ones with three entries. It seems like it's okay about not losing entire records, or e-mail addresses, but for everything else it's utterly hopeless. I'll enter phone numbers, snail-mail addresses, move off the record and then back onto it, and they'll be gone. Or delimiter characters will be mixed in with the data in fields (i.e., double quotes around all the field data). And what's with a database with a "save" item in the file menu? Since when does a database application not save changes to records immediately? (I also find it hard to believe that a bare-bones database app like this is ONE MEGABYTE!)

This thing is so inept and horrible that I can only wonder if a) the application itself is corrupt and needs reinstallation, or b) that the files are totally corrupt, but how the hell does a 4k file get this bad?

So far, it's so comically bad of an address book I have a hard time not laughing. :)
The only problem that I've encountered with the Address Book is that if you enter anything in the "Work" section, then it puts parentheses & quotes around both Work & Home addresses. Other than that, I think that it's better than most address book apps that I've used...definitely looks better.

The first record that I entered disappeared, but after that I got into the habit of saving everytime I switched tabs or added a new record. I don't know if that really has had anything to do with my success, but it hasn't hurt & it only takes a microsecond to hit Command-S.
Those sound like similar problems to what I've been having, except not as bad. The parentheses and quotes you're seeing around fields are field delimiters, which should not be visible; they're there to separate the fields in the data structure.

I also got into the habit of saving every time I did anything at all, but it didn't help. (Actualy even having to save anything seems slightly ridiculous in a modern database app, but never mind).

Can you do me a favor? Cocoa apps have a feature where if a window has unsaved data in it, the red "close" button on the window should have a dot in the middle of it. My AddressBook window has the dot even right after I save it, which strikes me as anomalous. Do you see the same thing?
I can confirm that the dot remains after I save, but then it disappears moments after switching to a different record.