AddUser on MacOS X client ??



I use MacOS X and I'm now looking for a method to create accounts (add users) by command mode.

I know adduser (or useradd, both work) on my PC GNU/LINUX but this doesn't work on my Mac OS X (client) even if I log as root.

If you know a way to do that, thank you to help me.


PS: one thing more : do you know how to start with console mode (you know, without any kind of graphic interface ... because even I don't use it very often (I prefer a terminal window on my wonderful aqua interface) it would be so great to know how to do.) Than you very much.
You can use the adduser script that can be found on It employs NetInfo and works very well. To start in console mode just type in the login window ">console" as username anmd return.

If you would also like to see the info on the screen fly at startup (like linux), you can issue OS X to boot in verbose mode by either holding down on apple + v at startup, or typing as root ' nvram boot-args="-v" '