ADLS in France under MacOSX

I have a Alctel Speed Touch Home connected to my Mac and it works without any problems in X 10.0.4, 9.2.1, aswell as Windows 2000.

All I have to do to connect to my ISP is:

1. Plug in the modem to the ethernet-card in my iMac.
2. Set TCP/IP to use a DHCP server to obtain a IP-address.
3. Set the 'Search Domain" to "" (my ISP)
4. Login via a webpage.

Don't know if this helps, perhaps you can specify your problems a little more.
Ok thank's for all,
I've seen and :mad: with a Speed touch USB....

Perhaps I can try to develop my drivers based on linux drivers...but the kernel differences are too large....

to be continued...
If you have a second computer then you may want to check into an ADSL router. Some of them come with a USB connection to connect to your ADSL modem and offer 4 ports for connecting multiple computers.

On the othe hand, if you only have one computer, then you might want e-mail Alacatel and ask them where they are with MacOS X support.