Admin abilities.

Should the admin be able to view user directories?

  • Yes, you can't be the admin on a machine if you don't know what the users are doing.

  • Yes, but the user's documents folder should be private.

  • Yes, but it should require the root password.

  • No, the users should have their privacy.

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Such a tocuhy subject and only four of us decided to reply... hmmm?

Here's the thing though, I think the choices need to be refined or calrfied. As far as e-mail and personal documents, the admin has absolutely no need to see/read/or otherwise manipulate them. However, the admin should have access to anything program or system related. I think the distinction in terms of privacy has to be data versus application. User created data (in terms of pure information, a non-working program under this scheme would not constitute data), in any form, should not be accessible by anyone but the creator.
LOL I just saw this :p

OK here is my take.

If it is some web server and there are terms to agree to, and the admin suspects something sishy is going on, then by all means sure. Something like a probable clause for police warrants. Other than those 2 cases then no, on a web server.

If someone is using MY machine, and I am the admin, I own the machine and let a select few use it, the same rules apply.

Since Apple's intent seems to be that Admin users are nearly equivalent to root users, you would think that they'd let Admin folk see everything from the GUI.

On the other hand, there's good reason to have more than one level of power. In this case, Admin can install programs and do many other functions, but only root has super (user) powers. Makes perfect sense.

If you have lots of people on your system, BTW, you shouldn't have lots of them being Admin. This is no surprise.

I'm sure Apple will support encryption like MacOS 9 does.

OS X doesn't really change anything in this regard except the keychain is open when you login. (no, the root cannot open your keychain without your password)