Admin Options ?!


Simply Daemonic
On the bottom right of my HTML page, when in a thread, I have some Admin Options. Does anyone else have these ? Did i get em cause of a fluke or what ? LOL ... No one told me I was an admin :p Of course I have not tested these "powers" out, reluctant to do so since I do not know what exactly they do :p

I have them too. It might be universal or it might be because we have more than 400 posts. Haven't tested them either.
Admin can you answer this question? Do we have these because we have so many posts or are those options universal to everyone?
I think everyone has em.
I tried clicking on close ( I think I made a thread and tried to close it) and it said I had no authorization.

--> Has surpassed the 500 mark...and still goind :D <--