Admin vs. Root?!


When I installed Mac OS X, I originally had one user. I set this user as an administrator. However, under this user's account there are a number of things I can't do because I do not have "sufficient privileges". (ie, Empty the Trash, move certain folders) I noticed that there is also a root user. How do I set up the Admin account as the root user so I can complete these tasks?

Any help would be appreciated.
Is the root user enabled yet ? If not, do this in NetInfo Manager

When enabled, log in as root, select your hard drive and get info. Go to privileges and give the admin read and write priviges. Log out and in with the admin and there you go.
Actually, I have already posted this under another thread, but here it is anyway...

Boot using your OS X CD.
Choose from the menu bar options: Change Password.
Select root as the user to change and enter a password.
Exit install [DO NOT install again] just quit install.
Now you can log on as root, and all applications will work.
You can also su from an administrator account.