Administrator/root permissions


When I log in as a normal user, I don't get access to modify /Applications/ and folders outside my /home/-folder. Is it a way to give regular users administrator-permissions in GUI? I tried in the "Multiple Users" program to select "let user administer this computer" but this doesn't help. Someone know?
From what I can tell, this is unbreakalbe in the GUI. Log out, log in as root, move it, log out, log back in.

Sure its a pain in the neck - but after having a few of my computers completely deranged by errant web surfers filling up my HD w/ buggy and crash-prone apps, I'm glad to have the final say over what gets in and out of my main apps folder and don't mind the extra time it takes for that security.

That's my two cents.

the dbp
hi im new here
i also got a problem i do not understand
i d/l programs and installed them i my app folder.
suddenly i could not put or take anything in or out my app folder

please help

ps i always logon as a admin

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