admitting my crime


mac shaman
just wanted to take responsibility for hacking UtaTr3y's custom title to say "Cheap @ss pc user" after his post in this thread..

i've held myself back from doin this kind of thing before, but i just couldn't resist this one. :D

(hee - hee. untill i became an admin, i always wondered how ManicDvln got his title changed to something of this effect. just something else i guess i learned from you Scotttw :p )


mac shaman
did you just now notice this? :p

well, somebody changed manicdvln's title at one point to read something like "PC Troll". interesting. wonder how it happened if it wasn't you?


Staff member
The only time I ever changed anyone's title is if the title was offensive or in violation of rules. I never changed his title.


Barking at the moon.
I haven't changed anything either. Maybe ManicDVLN came to the self-realization that he was indeed a worthless Windows-loving, knuckle-dragging, cross-eyed PC troll and decided to 'come out of the closet.' That's just a guess.


mac shaman
LOL :p

no, i don't think so. RacerX had to point it out to him and he then changed it to something else. i do love Uta changing his to "forced pc user' when he is the one forcing it upon himself :D

hey, i wouldn't have done this to just anybody, but upon checking Uta's posts, he has contributed nothing of value anywhere. he debated about linux, not darwin, in a couple of threads and whined about the costs of macs everywhere else. yet he claims he knows more than most of us about os x. such worthless arrogancy really ticked me off. (hey, it took him over a week to notice :p )

btw scottw - i like the new avatar. kendall and jason are going to grumble, but i love it ;)