Adobe Acrobats Text Edit Disabled By Macos10.3.9


At last the OS of my Powerbook was upgraded from 10.3.8 to 10.3.9 last night. I was hesitant until now to face any possible incompatibilities to sort. It looked all fine until I tried to copy texts of PDF document using Adobe's Acrobat. Until yesterday, ie. before changing the OS, it was possible to copy texts using either Acrobat free version 5.0 or version 7.0. Now, copying image is still possible but the operation tends to "stick". That means, it tends to selct all automatically, and it has to be undo by "deselect" in menu each time.

Did anyone report such troubles?

I did this OS upgrading as a preparation to change into Tiger. Now I feel a bit reluctant for the next jump.

Your help is much appreciated.