Adobe attitude


Adobe seems to be more and more commited to Wintels... They act more and more like MS... This sucks.

I think they need serious competition !

I hope Macromedia will boost their products, and the Gimp will be ported natively in cocoa and be improved.

Then I hope Adobe will consider the Mac first, then the PC.
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Then I hope Adobe will consider the Mac first, then the PC.
If they get more money in the PC market, they will be more comitted to them.
That is the way the world works.

Adobe has always stated that they are dedicated to the Macintosh platform and will always be headstrong in developing the latest products and services for the Mac. They make PC versions too simply cause there's money to be made and big companies love the green stuff. I have noticed more and more that the PC equivilents to Mac Adobe products are atrocious. I simply cannot use photoshop on a PC. It just feels WRONG.

Adobe is a strong Mac supporter and it is my belief that they always will be... don't go freaking out... remember there ARE a lot more PC's out there than Macs...

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The Gimp is a gtk+ program, IIRC. So, what would need porting (for maximum benefit) would be gtk+ to OS X. Then, all sorts of gtk+ programs, Gimp being perhaps the most famous, could be recompiled and 'just work' on OS X.