Adobe CS2 - reinstall issues 3rd time... Help!


I am totally frustrated with what is in so many ways such an awe'ing suite... but last night I got yet another "missing files... reinstall" error! I couldn't use Photoshop CS2 and it actually launched the adobe updater - which didn't help one bit and made the whole process longer. I didn't reinstall yet because I'm hoping that someone knows how to fix it. I've gotten this error with Photoshop before and Indesign. How do I keep loosing files? The time before, I chauked it up to having to reinstall Tiger 10.4.2, and then the next time to just some bug -- but 3 times now?! I'm running CS2 on a 1.42G 14" ibook with 10.4.2 - I am having system problems and have had to safe boot quite a bit and repair permissions, but why should I be loosing Adobe files?!? Can anyone suggest solutions? Not that I think they'll know anything, but Adobe Tech Support isn't open on the weekends, of course! Help!
Oh! and why can't we preview print?!!!?