Adobe Cs2 Standard Apps Will Not Launch!


I recently installed the new Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard Edition Upgrade and can't get any of the apps to work. They all launch until they hit the splash screen and then they quit out. I'm a pretty savvy Mac user and did all of the usual troubleshooting, dumped caches, ran Cocktail, repaired permissions, etc., etc. I called Adobe tech Support and like every problem you run past them they said it could be font related. At their suggestion I turned off all of my fonts except for the bare bones ones needed by the operating system. No dice. Even created a new user and tried to use them. Same deal. Wiped the entire hard drive and reinstalled everything fresh. Nothing.

If it helps here are the specs on my system:

G5 Dual 2.0ghz processor (first generation) running Tiger 10.4.1
8gb of RAM
20" Apple Cinema Display
nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL vid card
MacAlly netKey keyboard and rfmouse
iSight camera connected to front Firewire port
LaCie d2 Dual Layer DVD-R DL external firewire 400 drive
LaCie d2 250gb firewire 800 external hard drive
Epson Stylus Photo 220 printer (Firewire)
Epson Stylus Photo R800 printer (Firewire)

I did try disconnecting everything and restartinging. Apps still won't launch.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!