Adobe Illustrator CS2 Menu bar problem


Hey Everyone.

I have been having problems with my newer version of Illustrator CS, as in that i installed the CS2 version recently.

Problem number one: Since the installation, the program crashes when i attempt to save the file in an other place other than the original folder where i saved the file previousl.

Problem number two: Often i had to restart the program itself (by quitting and opening) because there would be times where i would not be able to access the menu bar, the preferences, the filters, or whatevers because all would just be blank. white. like theres no menu for me.

so what should i do to slove the problems number 1 n 2?


Quit illustrator

Try going to
yourusername > Library > Prefrences

and look for a 'com.adobe.illustrator' or similar file and first move it to the desktop first.

Restart illustrator and see if the problems go away. If so; delete the file.