Adobe Photoshop CS- "save for web"


I have PhotoShop CS, and recently certain functions no longer work--like "help" (unfortunately)--it's grayed out, and I can't select it or use the hot keys.

Any ideas? This is also a problem as I am a photographer and need to use the "save for web" option...which, I strangely, no longer have access to.

I have the registration, etc at my home in the states but I am in Australia for a few months, so a reload isn't an option....I am on MacOSX....

You could try some very simple fixes here:

1. Search for preferences/photoshop and move the preference file to your desktop and restart photoshop. Hopefully it will reset photoshop (and all your pre-sets too) and give you access to save for web which is really ImageReady.

2. Zap your PRAM (preference memory) if this doesn't work: command + option + p + r, restart and hold this key combination for three restart tones. Restart on the fourth tone.

Let us know how this works out.
OK, I tried everything but resetting PRAM- I don't know what steps to take- I am new to MAC, and only relatively tech savvy compared to the general luck with the files...also maybe this will be a clue....I am trying to ready images for my website, I'm shooting for about 75-120 K each...but currently it's saving images as 700K. huh?!

more help please??
The easiest explanation for this would be that you're now missing ImageReady and the Online Documentation files.

That would imply that you have a bad installation. I'd be getting someone to mail you that registration information and discs and see if you can't reload it.
Have you moved your photoshop permissions to the trash? (Don't delete the file yet) This will force photoshop to create a new preference file and might fix your problem.

ImageReady/Save for Web can save from either CMYK or RGB files so this probably isn't the issue.

Let us know what happens.