Adobe Type Manager

Bill White

CompUSA put a new hard drive on my PowermacG4. the old one crashed. They put Everything from the old hard drive into a folder on the desktop.
I transferred it onto my HD. Everything seems to work fine so far, except ATM. I can't access my usual fonts in Quark and I can't find my volumes on the hard drive or using the finder. I fear they may be lost forever. I get a notice that ATM unexpectedly quit because I need to update to 4.6. I downloaded your version of 4.6 and I still get the same message that it needs the update. I tried installing my 4.5 software but it still will not work. Can you help? Please. Thanks, Bill
I can't help with the finding of fonts... if you kept them on the desktop of the old drive, then the guys at CompUSA would most likely not have realized that they didn't copy them over.

As for ATM, do not install 4.5 on a Mac OS 9 system.

I'm guessing that you have ATM Deluxe 4.5, so you can download 4.6.1 here (and you can find ATR here).

You should be able to run the installer and use your 4.5 license number.