I heard a rumor that adobe wasnt making software for OS X yet. Is that true? Are they waiting for something?

who knows what they're up to. in the Apple press announcement Steve Jobs mentioned that Photoshop will be ported to X in early 2002. Who knows about the rest of their apps.

I presume that they are too far along in whichever version they are working on now to make the switch to Carbon/Cocoa.

Until then, we'll have to deal with PS misbehaving in Classic mode.
I read somewhere (can't remember but I'll post if I find it) that they started porting when OS X went Golden.
Found it.

Carbonized Adobe
Several people have emailed — and many forums posts have been made — wondering when Adobe and other “big-name” companies will be updating their apps for OS X. I have no 100% solid information (it’s at about 85-95% right now), but I’m told that Adobe went head-first into getting their mainline apps (Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, and ImageReady) moved to OS X the middle of last week.

What did they wait so long? Simple: they were waiting on the new Mac OS to be complete before they *really* began coding the new versions — and this makes perfect sense. There have been thousands of changes to minute code over the seeding process, and every bit of changed code impacts every other piece of code. Adobe, as well as Macromedia and others, don’t want to spin their wheels, rushing out a Carbon application for testing that will have to modified as often as the OS X development seeds.

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Okay so it may not be 100% but it is something,