adsl connect problem!


I can (finally) get, through command line, connected to the net with dsl. The only thing is not one app will actually get any signal. When I launch IE or Mail or anything net related, I get nothing. IE always says, the domain -blahblah- cannot be found. It's as if OSX won't let anything in. Any ideas? Please!
What I think you are experiencing is not necessarily an adsl problem. I had a problem connecting to my ISP (giving similar results to the ones you describe) because OS X was unable to bind automatically to my ISP’s DNS server(s). I have reported this to Apple.

I got around the problem by booting in OS 9, connecting to my ISP and then using System Profiler to view the IP settings. I noted down the IP address of the ISP’s DNS server and then (after disconnecting and booting back into OS X) entered the IP address of the DNS server into the appropriate box on the PPP Connect form.

After doing this I was able to happily connect to the web and send/receive email.