ADSL inOS X beta ?


hi there, after the installation, the setup assistant asked me how would i like to connect to the network or internet. having an adsl line, i chose DSL and then selected DHCP instead of manual (that's how it works in OS 9).
after reboot, no luck. not only no connection, but i got assigned an IP address that is not in the range of my ISP.
tried bootp, but won't give address or work. even manual.
in OS 9 i use a dialer (soem sort of ppoe device) given to me by my provider, is there anything like that for OS X ?
i even tried going to the terminal but there is no command available
I use cable.. but it works much the same way as dsl.

I was also unable to use a dhcp server. In OS9 tcp/ip, I enter a client id and then everything auto-configures from the dhcp server.

In OSX, there is no client id field that I could fine. I had to manually configure everything. I did not have nameserver information for my provider so I used the nameservers from my web servers.
i have the nameserver and everything but here in europe most DSL ISPs use ppoe not dhcp. in fact in linux if i do ifconfig -a in terminal i will have my network card as eth0 and then another card , ppoe0 that is the service running. plus i need somehow to insert the username and password for my DSL account. where???