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  • Does not work on the net in some site

  • Software update does not work

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Hey Evryone. I desperately need your help. I just installed an ADSL line with a static internal IP Now when I tryy to connect to the net I have a lots of problems. Explorer or any other web browser just allow me to link to certain web pages and not to others. I connot download anything from the net or either check my mail? The Browser give me this message: Invalid adress. Some of the page like the allow me to log in but with all the picture missing. Software update does not work either. I am running 10.0.4 and SU 1.3.1. I have install Brick House Firewall but it still not working. I am in Italy if that can make a difference with the line. Please Help Me what is going on????:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Some pages can be connected to and some not, could be a DNS problem. Does your aDSL forward the DNS requests or are you using non-local DNS servers ? Try switching. Try primairy and as secundairy (our dutch provider). These are solid. Good luck.
Hey Man... you made my day. Your DNS work beautifully. I was so sad that I erased X but afther your hint, this mornong I reinstalled it and try it. I was so happy to find out that now I can be normal like everyone else and go crazy with X.

I am writing you from X before I could not access the site eith it

Thanks Thanks a lot:D :D :D