ADSL (uk) USB via MacOSX


finally, BT have got their fingers out of their arse & I now have ADSL access @ home.... but b4 i go feet first, i have a question:

Has anyone got ADSL, using the USB cable modem, working with MacOSX? i know that it works with 9...?!

any/all comments welcome....

i dont have it personally ( i use cable) but here at work we have it and although im not running X on this, a client came in today and hotplugged his Tibook running 10.1.1 and it worked fine, running through ppp i believe, in system prefs>network and self configuring, i would reckon. so yes, it works, although i cant say how as im not running X at work.
No driver for Mac OSX at the moment.

However it is in beta testing (it was menat to come out months ago but Alcatel have been rubbish)

If you go to you'll see all the latest kerfufle (hmm not sure how you spell that;) ) about the driver and when it should be released.

It will hopefully be soon though!
usb dsl modems are the work of the devil. dsl modems with ethernet are platform agnostic as they require no drivers to make them work. uk users should pressurise bt to switch to a dual usb and ethernet model. they probably chose the usb model because many pc users in the uk don't have ethernet interface cards. of course, giving away a cheap nic with an ethernet modem is not a solution that would occur to a uk company.
I'm not even sure about the whole ADSL thing now.... not at £35 per month anyway.... just take a look at this site for the reality of the standard of service that BT offer(!)

I agree USB modems are awful.

However for Mr or Ms Where's the on switch, it offers an effective solution. Stick the CD in plug the modem in. All done.

BT will be launching a wires only service soon, which means they willlet upi use whatever modem you want - USB, Ethernet, Router (hmm not sure about that one).

Personally, I'll be getting an ADSL router with an USB port, which means I can network my Macs and PC (bleurgh!), not break my Terms of service and use it with OSX! Woo Hoo!:p