Advance orders for OS X release


Is anyone taking advance orders for OS X? Is anyone besides Apple going to offer it on the release day?
i would imagine most places that sell macs will have os x on the 24th. CompUSA, college campuses, etc...I know they've all had os 9 and 8.5 on their release dates, so i see no reason x will be any different. They'll probably have demo days at compUSA (apple gets people to go demo the os)
that's bs i'm afraid. remember all of this stuff about how "we are delivering dual processor g4s starting TODAY". i didn't get mine until 4 weeks later. it wasn't shipped until 1 week before that. people'd be lucky to see it, ESPECIALLY on a saturday.
Easier to manufacture, and much more predictable parts content. Apple is in control of 100% of the core OS. They may have to wait for some third party stuff they want to bundle on the CD, but that becomes an easy decision -- ship the OS, then press a new version if any third-party stuff was missing.

I'm certain OS X will be in stores on the 24th; I'm holding out hope for a midnight launch party at the local Computer Store (it's real name; Mac only dealer since the Apple ][!).

true, but that same thing happened with x beta remember???? but he admitted in his jan. keynote that they were unprepared for demand (ten times as much as expected), so maybe now they will have enough. who knows.