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This is just a repost ( reedited)
With a new OS..we should have an advertizing campaign...natural of course.
I realize that some symbols and names cant be named in commercials but lets say
someone were to make a "rogue" macos X commercial.... here is my idea...
(My idea is an expansion of hELLO wORLD's post in this category )

Here it goes:

A Classic b/w mac with a sad face and a bomb on its screen and MacOS
9.1 written on in ... in flames.. chaced by a big windows logo! ( in pacman fashion) ... It falls of a cliff and a few seconds later it explodes ... then windows laughs diabolically staring at the penguin that is sitting far away from windows... and then... a flash of light!!...
A phoenix arises form the ashes of the classic with a big blue X on its breast and a G4 Power mac tattooed on its wing... stares at the windows logo, whose eyes are bulged out in disbelief,
and then the all mighty phoenix breathes fire onto windows and burns in into damnation, all this while a penguin sits with his cool sunglasses (bearing the
Sun microsystems logo on the sides instead of Ray Ban) far away on an armchair
(bearing a Tru64 logo ), sipping his Hawaian punch (bearing an SGI logo )and laughts at the demise of the windows logo :p )....

** frame back to mac-phoenix, zoom into face and its eyes **

and then the final cut...
fade out to black screen and rolling text with "victory" music.

Bold, Header 1 : 1984 ... the mac was born, and it was good.....
Bold, header 2 : 2001 MacOS X is born... it is is also good....
Now with the power of a PowerMac and OS X you and apple have the power to burn !!!

** a CD comes from the background to cover up the words, erases them, and centers on the screen then the CD spinning logo morphs into apple logo **

** think different appears bellow the Apple Logo **

wow... lets make this an iMovie!!!
anyhone up to it ??? :p (I dont have enought skills to do it LOL)
Any other ideas for advertizing ?

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